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Transform into your best self through
empowering, feel-good Pilates flows

Live streamed and on-demand Pilates workouts designed to challenge all levels with lengthening, sculpting movements and feel-good affirmations to help you transform into your best energized, confident, toned, glowing version of you!

Signature Sweaty Pilates

Dynamic, full body Pilates sequence blending mat Pilates and barre to sculpt, lengthen, empower.

Mood Boosting Pilates

Pairing mindfulness and movement, mood boosting Pilates will leave you feeling refreshed, present and in a good mood!


Blending together barre, ballet and Pilates movements, Barre-lates is a challenging, choreographed workout to lengthen and sculpt your body.


This is the only workout that I finished and felt really good about myself thank you !!!💞

I could watch your workouts all day! Feel like I’m working out with a friend. Love your energy! Thank you for all the content 🙏🏼🤍

Can't describe how much you lift me up with your positive energy and amazing workouts. Thank you so much 🤗

It’s been hard for me to motivate myself. This is the first time in a very long time that I’ve enjoyed working out and I want to say thank you!

This was great! Felt like you were right there guiding me.

I'm feeling so amazing after doing this, wow! The results I get from your workouts are so much more than I expected

That was fantastic! You do a great job of going quickly and with variety, so the workout goes by really quickly 😊

First time back at pilates after a bout of illness and burn out from work, exercise and everything else! This was an amazing workout to get me back into the groove - Thanks Callie!!

Thank you so much for this workout, I'm obsessed with the reformer inspired videos! I smiled all the way through. I used to have a really toxic relationship with exercise and now I feel energized and excited to move my body thanks to you!

First pilates workout ever, I usually don't enjoy the burn and get frustrated but this was awesome! I found your workouts thru Instagram and your personality kept me engaged the whole time! You made a hard workout super fun!

Welcome Sweaty Queen!

As a former competitive figure skater who struggled with body image and chronic injuries, I fell in love with low-impact “flow” type workouts, like Pilates and barre, after spending many years feeling bloated, low energy and discouraged. I realized the power of listening to how your body feels before/during/after your workout. Not only do you see physical results through doing the right exercise for you, but also get a guaranteed mood boost. Combining my favorite transformative mind and body practices, I created my own technique of movement: an empowering blend of motivational affirmations, Pilates and barre style exercises.

xx Cal

Certified Pilates and Barre Instructor
Certified Holistic Health Coach

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